Catering FAQ

How do I tip?

Rattler’s caterers and delivery drivers appreciate any gratuity you provide them. As a rule, we do not mandate the amount of gratuity given, but we suggest 15% of your bill before tax and labor.

How do I order for vegetarians?

We have several menu items to suggest for your vegetarian guests. Please ask us for further details and our best suggestions when placing your Rattler’s Catering order.

How do I order for children?

Typically, we suggest that each child under the age of 10 be counted “2 for 1″ – two children for one adult. We are also happy to provide separate options for children if you’d like. Please ask us for details if this interests you!

Can I customize my Rattler’s menu?

Of course! Our Catering Menu represents the most popular choices of our guests over the years, but we are happy to accommodate special menu requests and mixing and matching of our sides and salads.

Does Rattler’s cater weddings?

Yes! Our Catering Team has a wedding specialist that focuses specifically on your event to ensure your big day is a sucess. From the number of servers and arrival time to helping cut the cake and more, a wedding requires special planning, and we are here to help! Please call our Catering Team at 888.649.5783.

What is the cost of a Rattler’s server for my event?

We recommend one Rattler’s server per 60-75 guests. The cost of your server is based on the distance from our restaurant to your location and the services needed. Our standard serving time is a total of three hours witha 60- minute setup time, 90- minute serve time and 30- minute clean up time. Each event is unique, and our servers can remain longer depending on your needs. Please call our Catering Team at 888.649.5783 to discuss your event and how Rattler’s can help make it a sucess!

How can I pay for my Rattler’s catering event?

We accept cash and all major credit cards. When placing your catering order, we do ask for a holding credit card, however we do not require a deposit. We do ask that you sign our catering contract to confirm your order. On the morning of your event, we will charge your credit card in full or you may pay with cash upon arrival. Our Rattler’s Catering Team will confirm all of the details with your 48 hours prior to your event.

Can I change the details of my Rattler’s catering order?

Yes, you can make menu changes and adjust the number of guests up until 72 hours before the scheduled event.

What should I provide?

All we ask you to provide are two 6′ – 8′ tables or a similar space where we are able to setup the buffet.

What is included in my catered event?

Rattler‘s full service catering includes one or more of our trained Caterers along with the necessary equiptment for the buffet setup (chaffing dishes, serving utensils, quality plates and cutlery). We also provide linens for the buffet tables.